The Tower


Build the tallest tower in history


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The Tower is a very simple arcade game where, with just a finger, you have to try to build the tallest tower in history floor by floor until you reach the clouds.

Gameplay in The Tower is very simple: each floor will move from left to right, and when you touch the screen the level will be cemented in exactly that place. If the floor fits perfectly atop the one below it, you can keep building. If not, you'll lose that piece of your tower.

Using this simple gameplay, the player's aim is to build the tallest tower possible. To do so, you need to perfectly fit floor after floor. The smaller you make the next level, the more difficult it will be to set in place.

The Tower is a game with very simple mechanics and delightful graphics that will keep you hooked for a few good games.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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